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2002 Silver R1 Spares

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Hi guys, just feeling the water on this one.

In December last year, my R1 was knocked off it's stand and fell onto it's right hand side. I have replace all the parts and I have the following parts available, and was wondering if anyone was interested. I'm haven't really thought too much about prices, and I can post photos of the parts if there is any interest.

1 x Fuel tank (No dents, two VERY small chips in the paint only over £500 new!!!)
1 x Front top cowel (No crack, scuff on the edge of the clutch side hand protector)
1 x Fron headlight housing (No cracks, small 1.5cm scratch on the left lens)
1 x Left front indicator (No cracks, scuff on the end of housing and lens)
1 x Reft footpeg (small scuff at end)
1 x Rear cowel/seat fairing (cracked on left hand side above rear footrests, I'm no expert but i presume it could be fibre glassed)
1 x Rear under tray (Brand new, still in wrapping)
1 x left hand engine caseing (a couple of small scratches)
1 x left hand wing mirror (smal scuff at the end)

I think that's about it for now, but if I think of any other parts I'll add them to the list.
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