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2004 R1 slip ons: Graves and GYT-R pipes.
Graves claims 7.54 Max Horspeower and 3.43 Max Torque as seen on their dyno chart @ www.gravessport.com
Yamaha claims approximately 3-5hp from 6600 rpm on up throgh range with a 7.1 maximum gain. While providing increase in torque. As seen @ www.yamaha-motor.com under accessories.
I have not seen any of these numbers even close in REAL WORLD DYNO RUNS. Does anyone know the real Horsepower and Torque gains that can be achieved WITH THESE TWO SYSTEMS? I know the Graves eliminates the cat as the GYT-R does not. Can the Akrapovic Y-pipe be used with the GYT-R to gain even more performance, or does eliminating the cat not really help the performance(Horsepower and Torque). Notice the dyno numbers @ the akropovic web site, the difference with or without the cat is MINIMAL. How much more will you gain with a power commander and is it needed when you run a slip on with or without the Y pipe? I don't want to debate sound levels and looks just the Horsepower and Torque numbers. Your input is greatly appreciated...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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