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Darkangel said:
If you sit on it and it doesn't feel right, that bike is gonna hurt you one day. That is my honest opinion. I didn't say which bike, just stating my opinion. Be safe.
I'm not superstitious (spln?) but I've always felt the same way about the feel of my bikes

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My dealer has both bikes on the floor. I rolled each of them outside (silver R1 and the blue 10r) to see them in the sunlight. I've been a R1 man forever, but I had to go with the 10r. Something about it looked better than the R1 to me, not to mention faster. I think it was the whole pipe deal. The stock ones look way too big under the seat.

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accce said:
I could have had a zx10r Monday Black. I almost did it, but I held out and my R1 will be here some time next weak. I never would have been happy with the zx10r.
Had the same option but didn't pull the trigger. My vote goes with the R1. Youve waited thjis long was another week or two in relation to two to three years? Just my.02.

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BLUE99 said:
Only in the land of magazine make believe, my friend. Real world tells a different story...:beer

Not to flame anyone but whats with the people asking what liter bike to get? They cant make their own dissisions? I would never let anyone make or have any influence over something as substantial as a bike purcahse. Just becuase the R1 has a little more hp than the zx10r doesn mean you should buy the R1. If you want a bike to brag and boast about hp then your on the bike for the wrong reason. Just choose the one you like best, do some hw and make you own dissision.

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I prefer the looks of the R1 but my friend just bought an 04 zx-10 and the thing is damn light. Sitting on it, it feels like it's made out of styrofoam. I haven't riden it but I hope to try it soon.

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YamahaXtreem said:
:eek: Right about now im driving myself insane for a new bike. Throught the past 3 years i have had 3 R6's and loved them to death for track racing, but latley ive wanted to go with the new 1000's. ive had a deposit on the 04 R1 for about 4 months now, and now there telling me that it will come in by the end of this month. Well, i sort of had enough with it, i was fedf up with waiting and put my deposit money down on a ZX-10 that was supposed to be at the shop by Monday. Now that i got home i realized what a big mistake i had just made. I just want everyones honest opinion on these 2 bikes. They both seem to be equal in power, but im a Yamaha guy and hate to see the R1 go. I just need to get cheered up. I havnt had a bike in 3 months and i have that major itch to ride. What do you think i should do?
I read about 20 magazines, the bottum line is that the ZX-10R is slightly better on the track (WITH AN EXPERT RIDER ON IT!!!) and the R1 MUCH better on the road for the 'normal' soul!
Realize how many % of your time you will spend on the circuit and is there a price to win at the end? When you only occasionally ride a circuit what difference does the 0.1 sec make!?

Here in Europe, the R1 has won an important design price, is bike of the year and has won the very important 'Masterbike of the year' contest (15+ magazines from all over the world come together in Spain and pick the best supersport of the year in an open fight with the same tires). Also in the European Superstock class - related to stock bikes - the Yamaha's are at the front of the field.

Wait the extra weeks and buy the Masterbike of the year contest magazine out soon and you know enough...

The best deal is, ride them both at your dealer, compare them and let your heart speak!!! Off course the Yam has the better looks, buildquality and you will get more cash back after a few years compared to a Kawasaki, that's for sure.
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