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Kevap said:
Hotbodies are CRAP! Do a search on the forum for hotbodies undertail and you'll see.

The best choice will be a Dussault undertail. The paint will match perfectly and the fitment will be top notch.

Get yours here.... http://www.mototeck.com/index_en.html

pic of the blue...

The Hotbodies undertail looks nice but it is a pain in the a$$ to install, the tabs and holes for the bolts wont match up, I have the hotbodies undertail for my R1 and I am very dissapointed, I had to fabricate a piece to mount my tail light, they gave me double sided tape to hold it in place like that is going to work. The clips to lock it in place dont match up very well so I hat to rig it, everyone who doesnt know says my tail looks good but I see it and we are our worst critics, I would recomend a nother company. My buddie had the same problem with his GSXR his thoughts are the same I will never use hotbodies again.:machinegu Hotbodies :boom
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