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I bought this r6 from a guy who said it would burn out the headlights every few days he said its probably gonna need a new rectifier. so i ordered a new rectifier and it does the same thing. at idle the output voltage is 14.5volts when you rev it up to about 9-10k its at 18v
The stator puts out about 40-80v AC depending on how much you rev it.
Just trying to get a few ideas on what this could be.
I just reordered another rectifier just incase.
Its got a new plug on the rectifier and has no burned wires or spots, i ohmed all of the wires and they are fine battery is pretty new with no corrosion or anything wrong with it. battery tests to be at 12.5v while the bike is off and at 14.5 when the bike is on.
Thanks for your time!
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