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But first we needed some inspiration so we headed over to some dealerships off of Route 23 and Route 10 in NJ to check out the Honda Grom, KTM SuperDuke and RC8...

This Honda Grom is TINY...but looks like allot of fun if ya had a gang of them.

Imagine the bloods and crips rollin 10 deep with Honda Groms...?


SuperDuke was very nice and i'm not usually a fan of anything thats not a crotch rocket. But I really liked the feel and look. The Marchesini's were a nice touch as well.

The RC8 was, well simply gorgeous. The lines on this thing remind me of a stealth bomber...wonder if it serves as a radar deterrent...?

We also spotted this very nice trailer, plan on doing some track days this year and how else can we manage to bring along our friends!!!

Maybe I can convince the wifey that these are nice chandelier's for the man cave?

I kept thinking this snow boarding mannequin was gonna jump out and scare the crap outta someone....didn't happen..

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So we go back to the garage...and we have a ton of tearing down to do. I don't have all the parts in yet; still waiting on 90 valve stems, front/rear sprocket, speedoDrD and a CF chain guard.

But I did get my tires today, and a well needed expense check to replenish the hole that this mod parasite left in my wallet...:crash

Lets browse the "goodies" department and see what we are going to prepare for install..

We decided to test fit the rear wheel and make sure all fits well..

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Also got the exhaust, tail and heat shields out of the way...found some loose bolts along the way so I think Ill go over all of the obvious ones tomorrow...

Will most likely run the PC3 and install the full exhaust tomorrow...might as well make room...

Get them Y-Pipe cats and headers outta here...

...not bad for a few hrs of work.

More to come tomorrow folks!!!!
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Today we started out by removing the tank and loosening the front fairings to complete install on the graves smog block offs.


Holy cow, we basically took all day long on these 4 bolts, connecters and hoses.

We did have to make a quick stop at the Lowe's to get a smaller wrench and 5mm hex bit since the one we started using did not fit on the other 3 bolts.

I finished up the gregg's mirror covers just to make myself feel like more was accomplished today....

Maybe Monday we will get on the headers, exup cables and PC3...

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List of parts still waiting to be placed on bike...:sneaky

CF hugger
CF chain guard
90 degree valve stems
stealth front/rear sprocket
Dymag CF's
New Dunlop Q3's
Full TI Sato
Graves Velocity Stacks

I also installed the full Akra, graves stacks and stock filter power commander map on the PC3 today, was a cinch...

Now might be a good time to order that rear Ohlins shock from hardracing...:jump
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Hey quick question guys for you that have done the smog block offs.

When you disconnect the smog solenoid there is an unplugged white cable left over where it used to be plugged into. Do you just leave this hanging there, will it throw any fault codes???
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PHEW.. allot done tonight guys, I tell ya them smog plates were a setback but worth it...

Got the heat shields back on

Got the ram air cover and bracket that holds the throttle cables snapped in

Installed the graves stacks, put the airbox back on

Moved the digi gear indicator next to cluster

Got the tank on

Removed the stock headers

Installed the Full Sato TI system!!

Secured the PC3

Installed the 90degree valve stems

Removed front wheel and rotor

Installed stock rotor on front dymag, then on forks!!!

Got my "DR" brake cover going on..:D

And finally got to hear the pipes...they sound great just need to tighten up the header bolts, was pretty exhausted.

More to come Wednesday me thinks...:jump

On a side note the exhaust brackets were the wrong size or too big. Going to try and find the correct ones and order them ASAP!! I did measure the pipe diameter and will ck Sato or SP Engineering...

Cant have them pipes bouncing around...

First start video here:


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