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· 2006 R6R and new 2008 ZX10R
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Bike Magazine scandinavia test drove R1 and R1SPI in Barcelona Spain.


2006 R1:

-Engine suction noice is a little bit more sharp. The extra 3 hp has been taken by modifying engine head suction ducts.
-In spite of the fact that swing arm is litlle bit longer and thre is 3 hp more engine power - it is very difficult to notice the difference if any between 2004/2005R1 and 2006R1 !!!

2006 R1SP1
-Very big difference. SP1 is clearly more racer like ! The difference comes from light rims, tires and Öhlins suspension parts. Still the suspension is relatively soft but the bike feels much more sharp and accurate...Also the slipper clutch is good. There is more cornering clearance...

If comparing those bikes at street the difference is not so big but at track the SP1 is totally different story

For me the article sounds that std 2006R1 does not offer any clear improvement if compared to 2005 model...

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thanks for posting the info!:thumbup would be fun to ride one of the SP'S!:riding :fork

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I read that article today. They make a point of mentioning the longer swingarm and the increased thrust off the corners instead of hoisting the front wheel skyward inducing headshake. They made it sound like it was a noticeable difference between the two in the corner exit department.
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