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These items are no longer for sale, as I have had problems getting the title, keys, etc. from my friend and am having trouble contacting him.

Friend of mine had a bad wreck 3 months ago, or so, and I'm trying to help him part out what's left (Which ain't much). Here are the parts shipping included to US.
This was one hell of a wreck, so most of these parts have scratches.

Swingarm $150
Rear Tire with rotor, sprocket, 3 day-old 200 Battleaxe. $250
Rear Shock $50
2 front & 1 Rear callipers with brake lines $100
Windscreen $20
Seat (2 tears) $50
rear turn signals $20
Undertail w/ tail light $35
Left Clip-on $20
Trunk and helmet lock (will have key shortly) $30
Crapload of bolts, screws, spacers, etc. mostly for plastics $10
Anything else you see in the pics, let me know.

I do not have the motor out of the frame yet, but will be asking $1700 for motor, wiring harness, front sprocket and cover anything else I can leave on it.


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well my buddy bought a new frame from the dealer thats unstamped, and he's building a drag bike, and he dont have a title, so basically he needs the neck and the title to get it restamped
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