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Hello and hope someone can help me out,
-Purchased a 2007 R1 with a ticking noise, thought it might be the cam chain tensioner
-Installed a APE manual Cam Chain Tensioner but the ticking was still there.
-Turned out to be cylinder number 2 connecting rod bearing worn out and the ticking was free play in the bearing.
-Ordered new bearings for all connecting rods and crank
-Completed my first "rebuild" with new bearings and polished the crank.
Problem I have is starting takes a few seconds of cranking and the throttle has to be opened just a little. With constant throttle applied, the bike runs great! revs up nicely and sounds amazing. As soon as the throttle is shut off, it stalls.
Mods completed are a smog plates installed, yoshimura exhaust and K&N air filter.
I've tried rebooting the ECU by removing battery terminals, warming the bike up to temperature, checking wiring harness, opening up air screw by 1/2 turn. Any idea's?
I'm concerning the valve's may be out of tolerance but it started fine and idled fine before and I replaced the valve shims exactly in the same location.
I have a new PCV and Autotune ready to install, in fact I hooked up the PCV but the issue remained so removed it until I can have the bike running and idling ok without it.
Thanking you all in advance,
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