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2007 R1 - Problems to look for in a street fighter project ?

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Hi Gents

I am considering using a 2007 R1 for a street fighter project, partly because I have never owned one and partly because I have one being offered by a local garage.

The bike in question has sat unloved & unused for five years. It is now running for the first time since 2010 but needs some love to get it as smooth as it should be.

Question 1 : what areas in particular should I look at on this model to determine what to upgrade or replace for OEM ? [Chain/tyres/sprockets would be done as a matter of course]

Question 2 : has anyone here done this conversion and would you use an R1 again ? If not, why not ? [I have not yet had a chance to look at an unfaired GSX-R1000 or ZX-10, for example, to see if there is less to re-route and clear up.]

All and any thoughts are most gratefully received.

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I haven't used an R1 but I think in building a streetfighter, the satisfaction is in solving the challenges as they come up, to align with your objective. Good luck.
There have been many very nice projects done by people on the forum. Do a search and you'll have many examples from all years to help guide you through your build. I think any year R1 makes a great fighter. Good Luck!!!
Looking at doing the same. I built an 04 streetfighter and loved it.
Currently ride an FZ-1 and the riding position suits me.

My only concern on this 08 R1 is the top triple. I cannot find a top triple to take risers. Anyone know of one?
My 07 fell through and now I have an 09 on my hands to subject to the loving attention of an angle grinder.

Top yokes are tricky for the R1. So far this is all that I have found :

1. Streetfightersinc.com have the LSL/ABM solution. Practical but not that sexy.

Yamaha Handle Bar Riser Kits. StreetFighters Inc. Superbike Handle Bar Kits for Sportbikes and StreetFighters.

2. ExtremeCreations.com.au can fabricate just about anything and there are a couple in the UK like these chaps : Billet Bike Bits

But I have to believe that there are some in the US. Any ideas anyone ?

Also, I need a custom radiator built. Thicker, less wide etc. Who does this in the US ?

Starting to fabricate headlight unit now and will be ripping off the bodywork shortly. Ahhh, the fun of the build.
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