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Have owned an '07 R1 for over a year, and suffered with constant stalling at low revs - as soon as throttle is closed it dies. If the engine doesn't die, it's really jerky. It's got to the point where I'm increasing the revs as I'm pulling the clutch in just to try and keep the engine going - not ideal for daily commuting, and frankly scary at junctions, roundabouts, etc where it would routinely die on me!
I spoke to dealers, garages etc and received conflicting advice, or in the case of Yamaha UK, complete denial of any issue at all.

Now for the good part.....
Bike and issue is completely sorted thanks to Ossian's posts, and his detailed PDF on how to adjust the throttle position sensors. Adjustment took me 30 mins to carry out (and I'm no mechanic!). Revs now idle at 1100-1200 rpm, it DOES NOT STALL AT ALL, and rides like a dream thru the lower rev range, picking up seamlessly from idle with no jerkiness.

It feels like having a new bike, and one that I feel so much safer commuting on.
Cheers Ossian for the guide - have attached to share the love!


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I don't think this works permanently for all users that have the same prob.
I used to try this but failed after several days, bike still cuts out and idle unstably.
So I think Ozzian's guideline is just a temporary fix, coz u cannot adjust all 4 bodies to the exact level for the bike to be stable.
What I did then to solve this completely is to check the TPS, 4 throttle bodies under the gas tank, clean them, re-sync all 4 of them using vacuum tool, clean all spark plugs, air filter. This solved perfectly and my babie starts, idles like a new bike, no more fluctation when idling, no more stalling.
Hope this would help to all u guys that face the same prob.
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