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Here are the dates guys:

July 30 Wednesday- Regular Trackday
July 31 Thursday- Limited Endurance Day- 30 minute sessions for Intermediate and Advanced groups- Pro Racer Practice
August 1-3 AMA Race Weekend at Mid-Ohio

Signing up for the trackday through www.sportbiketracktime.com or
Intermediate Group: http://store.midohio.com/pc-976-50-073108-performance-track-riding-intermediate-level-led.aspx
Advanced Group: http://store.midohio.com/pc-955-49-073108-performance-track-riding-advanced-level-led.aspx
No garages to be rented due to the pro racers coming in and starting to set up shop.

I already booked my rooms. Gotta make use of my travel rewards points from Hilton- So far, 3 free nights and working on the 4th in another month. Rooms will be expensive. Hampton Inn is $199 a night from July 31 through the weekend. Rooms will sell out so make the commitment early and reserve your rooms.

Buy your AMA Race Weekend tickets here.

Go for the Super Ticket. Well worth the money. Cheaper than taking the family out for dinner and the ticket is good for 3 days, Pit Pass and Grandstand seating.

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WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Mid Ohio is my Favorite Track :)

I'll be there for the practice and for the AMA race weekend, and I get to stay after for the CSS Schools. It's my favorite trip of the year! I get to ride, like, 8 days in a row on that track!!!! You just got me super excited with this post. Can't wait!

See some of you there. Come by and say hello in the AMA Pits!


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that whole weekend is a fkin' blast. There is nothing I've been to (yet:)) that compares to camping that weekend. It's like an entire season of Jerry Springer wrapped up in one hilarious weekend and my friends are normally the main attraction.:crash
I just hope I'm riding advanced by that time.....it would be really cool to be out with some of the pros while they're practicing.:scared
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