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This is for the locals in Vancouver.

However if you would like to support the fund raising for my softball team you can buy a book online for your area. You just need to put my group name (Newbern Softball in Richmond,B.C.) and ID (135465) in so that my group gets the credit for the sale.


2012 Entertainment books have just come in.
Regular price is $46.

Price will be the same as previous years for members at $40.

With this price I am cutting into my fund raising to pass a deal on to you.
All monies raised goes to my softball team to cut costs.

If you have purchased a book from me in the past and will be repurchasing a new book online, please put my group number down as your referral so that we get credit for the sale.
I neglected to inform a few of you about this last year and lost out on quite a few sales.

My group number that you enter on the website is:
Newbern softball in Richmond, #135465

You can either email me at [email protected] or text me at 604-220-3559
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