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2009 R1 trackbike
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Hi all,

I have been lurking around for a while now under an old account which I cannot for the life of me think what the username/passwords were. So apologies for that.

Firstly the bike (2009) has a woolich race tools blipper and ecu flash which has been flawless. Sadly i5 has been a race bike all it’s its life so I’m probably the unlucky one that it’s gone pop on! Last year I had a couple of dodgy upshifts into 5th, lots of noise and finally it would engage. no issue with down shifts, or upshifts in any other gear. I Put it down to me. Fast forward to last Wednesday at snetterton and it started happening every now and again. Then I was a Bedford Autodrome when It became more frequent. Not every shift to 5th though. Then on the last session it happened again, when it finally engaged, it jerked, the gear indicator said 6th. I then could not change down at all. Completely jammed, however engine kept running and there was drive. Switched off and could not change gear, but with clutch in I can wheel the bike around.

Firstly has anyone had the same issue? What was the cause. I obviously appreciate it can be many things, but is there a particular weakness? Also does a 2012 gearbox fit a 2009 bike. I have found full gearbox internals for sale for not much. Anything to look out for.


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