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2012 white R1 gold side fairing gold emblem

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Hi all, I'm new and need a little help. I'm looking for the gold R1 emblems found on a 2012 white R1. I want to buy the factory emblem. Where can I find the correct Yamaha part number?


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Is that a uk color? I used to go to uk eBay and get oem stuff that we don't get here. Just make sure the seller ships to the us before buying.
That's not even close to what he is looking for. My advice...don't buy cheap ebay junk!
I've tried the eBay junk and I want the factory emblem. It's thick with gold inlay, it's not a decal.
Like said, I think that's a Euro model R1.
It is a 2012 Euro model, part # is 1KB2839B1000 (3D emblem)......40 euros EACH ! You'll need 2 ! Might not be available through US Yamaha dealers though, might have to get from the UK.
Thanks, now I just need to figure out who will ship then to the US.
You can try a US dealer with the part #, never know.
I'll call my local dealer tomorrow. Thanks again for the help. I'll post picks when I get them on
I've found sellers on eBay and uk ebay that sell OEM parts. But yes don't buy knock off.

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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