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2015 R1 Bone Stock Dyno'd 176WHP

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Posted this in the R1M section too..

Went in to my local speed shop to talk to the guys about doing the suspension on the R1M for me and they had a 2015 Raven in for Ohlins. The bike was a lot smaller than I even imagined and honestly cant be much larger than the 600.

They broke the bike in on the dyno and then gave it some base line runs. Pretty impressive considering this dyno supposedly reads lower than most.

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Mine did 176.8 same raven model. I was slightly impressed. That was with traction control on and unrestricted flash. I will run it again with traction off, and again with dyno only mode, and again with the restrictions on. Im probably going to post some pics of the sheets before and after unrestricted flash.
I got 179 out of her today with wheel speed indicators and traction control off. Today was higher ambient temp than my first run, so I could say those few little adjustments made a difference. I would probably see 180 to 181 on a cold day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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