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This thread is providing early entertainment for my Friday :corn

I can't wait until the ACTUAL numbers get revealed. The reason you don't hear about them is because of NDA's and everyone else who hears through the grapevine is hush hush. No one is saying ANYTHING until Yamaha says so.

Chris was at FTECU with a 2015 R1 ECU on the bench yesterday... :sing:

I think Baccus40 said it about a million times on this forum, but again, all engines will be the same globally. The only difference is the ECU spec, which will be tuned to meet the noise, emission, and legal spec of said country.

You actually save some coin by using Graves developed maps and flashes with their exhausts. Your baseline mappings will be a lot closer.

I hate the whole S1000RR vs '15 R1 horsepower debates... Both bikes make power differently. If it's not a track or racebike, how often are you in the 170-190 hp range? How wide is that range? How does that big hp correlate with your riding style?

For me, front-end feel is everything. HP is important, but with everything else in racing, there are compromises. I'll take 10 less top-end HP and perfect front-end feel vs. +10 HP and a sketchy front. I'm just saying...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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