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2015 R1 Engine Break-in Procedure

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Anyone know what Yamaha is recommending on breaking this monster in?
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I'm really lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest. I'll take mine up to Mount Baker taking on as many backroads as I can. BTW I break in my engines exactly as the Governor....

If you use synthetic oil then don't use it till the third oil change and DO NOT ride it at a steady rpm for more than 5 min for the first couple hundred miles.

Track day break in is fine after the first 100 miles. Just keep it under 11,000 rpm on the first track day... Why would I wait till 100 miles before the first track day?? I've never had a new bike (or car) that didn't have leaks , loose parts, and crap that didn't work. Hell, it's going to take you a week of riding alone just to learn how to use all the electronics!
1 - 1 of 88 Posts
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