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2015 R1 Stalling Issue Help

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My 2015 r1 keeps shutting off when put into gear. Starts up when put in neutral perfectly fine, but shuts off when put in gear. The kick stand wires (black and blue with blk dash marks) are cut and twisted together (by previous owner) and have been for thousands of track miles without issue before. At VIR it ran 100% fine Saturday, 13 May 2023 and all Sunday, 14 May 2023 morning, until Sunday afternoon when I started having these issues. I could get it to start and ran a few sessions, the bike operated normally while running and moving in all other gears, However it stalled many times on the stand and driving slowly in first gear through the pits. Now, once 1st gear is engaged it stalls 100% of the time and the starter button has no response at all. The dash stays on.

I have checked, cleaned and unplugged and reconnected everything, clutch switch, cranks sensor plug, battery, neutral switch and etc...I have removed the ignition and have woodcraft keyless bypass plug (1,000s of miles ago). I am no expert on wiring and electrics, so please help

I get a few error codes in Diagnostic mode only, but those are mostly related to running the bike and engaging gears on the pit stand. I ordered a Starter relay (which resides under the seat and cost over $60). It is sealed and saw rumors of those internal circuits frying sometimes. That will arrive Friday 26 May 2023 to test and see if that fixes my issue.

Please respond or reach out to me directly via FB or cell phone if you have a solution, otherwise I will not be able to ride 03 and 04 June 2023 at CMP and forfeit $$$. Please let me know if anyone can help, I am willing to pay a mechanic or for diagnostic time and support. I am located in Raleigh NC near the RDU airport and I can transport the motorcycle anywhere needed. I need this fixed by next Friday 02 May 2023 if possible.
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