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So ive been awaiting eagerly with the release of the R1 having had a deposit on it, and a 2015 S1k since December.
I currently ride a 2012 S1k, been a hoot, served me well and kept me safe.
Thing is, whilst the S1k deserved consideration and a refundable deposit, my heart wants a change, a character change.
We should all know that our decisions are based quite heavily on emotional choice.
What i have been watching like a hawk on the release of all 2015 models, is mid range grunt - streetability.
Yes the S1k has more midrange, lacks a bit of character.
I want the R1, i want a booming V8 sound to give me eargasms and smiles on my commute and twisty shenanigans.
The bastard Ducati solves all, though for a high Km/milage bike it costs to much to purchase and maintain ($1800 major service for one).
Super Duke, over priced and im more the sportbike rider than a naked.
Very eager to see the dyno's, no im no squid HP desktop comparer.Im from OZ, and ive been told there wont be a demo available for sometime until back orders are filled. Im normally one who needs to test ride and compare for myself.
Whats everyones concerns with the new R1 being too track focused on top end and not enough on the street mid range goodness?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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