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Hi guys
My check engine light on the 2016 r1m will not go away after my last dyno tuning session.
Basically i had the bike tuned and flashed using woolich last year. The bike check engine light came up but cleared itself after a few minutes of riding.
3 weeks ago i dyno tuned my bike with woolich after installing the ais plug/carbon airduct/sprint p08 f1 filter.
The check engine light came on which i thought was normal however id did not clear itself even after 3 weeks of riding.
My tuner said that it might be from the block off plates and that he needs to use woolich to disable the ais which he did and still no success. He goes that he needs an obd reader and its not woth him (as he came from a closeby country)
I went to the dealer theybdid not have a clue offcourse.
I took an obd scanner and scanned for errors however no errors were found. I deleted all errors even though no errors were found and the check engine light will not go away.

There are a few things to note:
1. This time the bike sat on the dyno longer and it took 7 runs to finalize the map.
2. When i installed the carbon airduct i did not install the air temperature sensor which needs to be drilled into the side of the duct.
3. I dont know if i need to disable the flapper mechanism in the air duct using woolich software. The flapper pump or whatever u call it is still there just wrapoed with the rest of the harness wiring.

One more thing to note that the bike ran normally after installing all these things (airduct/filter/ais plug) for 2 weeks. However only after the dyno session did the check engine light come on.

Please advise guys.
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