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My 2018 R1 is now 1 year old. it has done 5 track days and 2000 miles with no issues. it is completely standard, stock exhaust, stock ecu even has the ugly stock license plate holder.
now a warning code appears every time I ride it. it is a yellow light on the left of the main screen and a wrench symbol on top. this happened for a few weeks.
I took it to the dealer who said there were 3 codes showing. one was for the steering damper, another was for the brakes. they didn't know what the codes meant and when I asked what was causing them to show now after never having an issue before they just kinda shrugged and said it was something electrical.
they cleared the codes and I went for a ride today. I was riding for about 10 mins when the main screen started flickering. it was constantly flashing on and off very quickly then after a few mins all the warning light on the left and right hand side starting flashing.
the whole display is now just spazzing out, all lights flashing on and off as well as the main display.
then the engine just died and I coasted to a stop. turned off the ignition and then turned it on. nothing, completely dead.
I waited a few minutes and turned it on again, this time it comes on and I am able to ride it home.
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