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2018 R1 faulty brake power indicator on the dashboard

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Hello guys, I've just happen to encounter this weird behavior on my 2018 r1. The braking power indicator on the dash starts at max value while no brake are applied. I can move the bike freely, I cannot feel any braking from the front/rear wheel. I tried to ride it around the block to test if everything works fine, the abs is working on both wheels. The indicator seems to get back slowly to min value after a while. Once I remove the key and put it back on the problem seems to happen again. Any idea on what's going on ? I recently changed the brake fluid could it be the cause? Thank you!

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That’s a weird one- will be watching thread for an explanation.
Can anyone tell me how the braking power showed on the dash is calculated ? Does it have a sensor or is it linked directly to the abs system ?
Update : i changed the braking fluid again the problem doesnt go away , now even if i ride it the value stays at max and the abs light comes on , deactivating the abs
Maybe a faulty sensor is all I can think of.
I would appreciate all of you ideas guys .
Have you tried to disconnect the battery for like 10mins and reconnect?
The brake pressure sensor is failing in the ABS unit under the seat. Two pressures are measured by the Bosch ABS unit. One is from the brake lever to the ABS unit and the other is pressure applied to the brake pistons by the ABS unit.
Options to fix:
1. Remove your ABS completely and use an ABS delete plug to prevent error codes,
2. Get it replaced under warranty, or
3. Buy a new ABS at ~1000 USD.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts