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Bought my 2018 r1 February 18. First service before mods. When I got the bike back I had ordered 3/4 alpha yoshi pipe.

After first installing the 3/4 pipe riding for 1500 miles I sent in the ECU to Superbike Unlimited. I also ordered the recommended graves knockoff plates. Week or so I had gotten around to installing everything.

Here is where the problems start. I put another 200 or so miles on the bike with no issues. The next day I start the bike drive off and notice the abs and sc light on. Nothing else had an issue for about 30 more miles. Then the MPH indicator, TCS, ABS and SC show on the TFT all set to off. At this point I have another 15 miles before I can safely pull over to check things out.

Did routine diagnosis didn't notice anything broken or damaged so I think it's the ecu. Follow up with Superbike (whom of which is an amazing company that have been working with me directly) was informed it likely isn't ecu and probably a connector. Check both connectors to my visual estimate nothing wrong. Sent my ecu in for piece of mind to be reflashed.

Reinstalled ecu triple checked all connectors and everything is great. At a loss at this point.

Any ideas would be appreciated
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