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I ran into issues with the quickshifter on my '18 R1M last track day. Under heavy load the quickshifter will fail to cut the power and fail to shift up. The problem seems to be intermittent. Brought it do my dealer to hopefully get it looked at under warranty, but they won't touch it given the problem is intermittent and the bike is no longer road legal.

I'm looking for the test procedure for bikes with the up and down QSS. It looks like a 3 wire connector, 5v ECU voltage, ground, and 2.5v signal wire similar to a TPS sensor. Measuring the signal wire I have to pull up real hard on the shifter to see the voltage change. The transmission almost always shifts before the voltage changes, at least with the bike on a stand not running.

Hoping the service manual would say something about how many lbs of pressure should register a change or something like that but I can only find the test procedure for the older upshift only QSS.
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