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371 miles on the R1, Saturday
Well I got 1100 miles on the R1 now, 371 of them on Saturday and another 100 or so Sunday.
Got up Saturday and readjusted the Convertibars, down and forward, like the stock clip ons but a little higher up and back, about 1/2" above the top clamp.
Then I put on a Micron slip on (red) that I had purchased from a R1 board member, great price, sounds killer, looks good to.
And went for a ride.
The bars are better, but for that many miles, I would have preferred them back and up.
Windshield is ZG Sport Touring and winds Saturday were 20 to 40 mph's, so I can't say much, other than I got beat all day long.
Seat, my $ss hurt. I'll try to get another seat and see if a local shop can help me out.
It's getting real close to being a SUPER SPORT TOURING BIKE, haven't decided how to carry my gear yet.
The seat will be taken on next and I really don't think there is much I can do about the windshield except maybe get a better helmet.
The bike runs and sounds great, it's a blast to ride and killer fast.
Not knocking the FZ since I have one and intend to keep it.
I just can't imagine having FZ ergonomics and R1 handling/speed/power.
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