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520 Kit

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Does anyone know who has a 520 kit available for the 04 R1. Thanks
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yeah diamond thats a good deal
I haven't heard to many good things about the RK 520 chain's. If you go with a D.I.D. ERV2 you can't go wrong.
what do you guys think about the 17/48 gearing???
I heard that a 520 on an 04 is not a good idea, unless you plan on changing chains fairily often. Just due to amount of power of the bike and the stress to the chain. Could be BS though.
check RRP 520 kit it looks better than the vortex kit. vortex sprocket's teeth break off rather easy especially if you wheelie alot.
i have always geared one down in the front and 2 up in the rear,where dose the 17/48 gearing come from and what will it do for my mid range???
Thanks for the feedback.:jump
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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