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I have run the search feature and read a bunch of threads with no luck. The common problem seems to be on the RPM low end, not top.

2000 Yamaha R1
Yoshimura Carbon Oval slip on
Stock headers with EXUP
Jet kit – DJ138 installed clip on needle (DJ needle) in stock position (as indicated in instructions)
KN Filter
Sea level (16’) average outside temperature is around 98 degrees.
Bike runs hard around 180-190 degrees and in traffic at 215 degrees

The bike runs great at low and mid RPMs. At about 9500-9800 the bike “stumbles,” under full acceleration and in all gears. In top gear, 6th, the bike almost refuses to go past 9800 RPM. It will get up to 9500-9800 RPM then shutter and stumble, acting like it doesn’t have anything more to give. IF I slowly roll past 9800 RPM I can get it up to redline and it will run.

I thought I read somewhere that high RPM problems are usually due to the clip location on the needle, but I can not find that article again and I do not know which way to move the clip (towards the tip or end), if this is the solution.

You help would be greatly appreciated,
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