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Hi chaps,

I am emigrating to Oz in April and have foolishly decided not to take my R1 but to sell it here and buy another Down Under (combination of it costing over a grand to send it, sold house in hurry and decided to send stuff to Oz and move into my mum's rather than rent meant rather than having 6 months to sort it I had 1 week and the fact that I hadn't sorted out the import certificate).

I bought it last year and have put new clutch fibres in, added Goodridge front lines, an 04 radial MC and AFAM C+S (-1F, +2R) and a Micron Ti can with Fabbri D/B screen, Dynojet kit and had the wheels painted black as per std.

It's not mint and has no SH but it rides fantastic, great engine, no problems whatsoever. I would be keeping this bike forever if I wasn't leaving the country.

I'm in NW and am looking for £2500 ish.

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