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A flip-up numberplate? If only it was legal.

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This would be nice!

007 would love it. Press a button and this numberplate folds in half to cover up your number. Sadly this is strictly illegal for use on the road. But, you’d only want one as a show plate or on a track day, wouldn’t you?

And that is how this piece of ingenuity is sold. This latest version has been uprated to improve the wiring and waterproofing (making it better able to deal with the rigours of a wet track day).

The kit includes reflective backing and your numbers and letters, which you have to fit yourself. The operating button has an LED to show when it’s down. The dimensions are slightly smaller than the legal minimum (so the police definitely won’t take kindly to seeing one on the road) and it takes about an hour to fit. It costs £69.95. and you can find out more by calling 0870-904-6644.
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I want one!

Hey, I want one! Where can I get one from? Anyone selling these in the US? Is there a Website?
Hey Big Guy! Nice to see you back on the board! Thought you may have sold your R1 for a Harley and decided not to post anymore :eek::eek: :eek:
The only problem for those is that they are for European plates...the big ass ones not like the small ones in the states
if im gonna wish for "007" accessories , i want the tail machine guns:machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu :machinegu
There is nothing illegal about a switch that turns off your plate and brake lights. Not that I would ever think about doing such a thing.
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