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Sunday afternoon,
a couple of friends and I went on a ride to
Bear MT and as usual the I TOPPED the my bike out
with the tach reading an actual 170mph.
And lost my plate somewhere.

On the way back on the Taconic Pwy my friend and
blew off from the rest of the pack, not knowing that one
of the other riders caught a flat.

When pulled over and relized what happened we were too far from a exit to do anything, but then a trooper shows up in a Camaro SS.

He was a cool guy he stayed with my friend until we came back with some fix a flat ( which did not work) he never busted my balls about my plate he just asked what happened then I told him and he said Ok and that was that.

So he rides behind us as we rolled my friends heavy ass 96 ZX-9R off to the trooper barricks where he said we could leave it until whenever. And he gave us all PBA cards and get this when we mounted back up to go home he told us to AIR-OUT!!!! and he was going to see if he could stay with us!!!

He stayed with us for a good 7 miles but then we smoked his ass it was GR8!!!

:rock :thumbup

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Believe it or not, but I am glad to hear a story of an officer doing what they are supposed to do. Instead of writing tickets to everyone possible(I know a smart ass comment). But seriously that's pretty cool of that cop to help you guys out. I just hope my next run in with the law was as pleasant as yours :thumbup
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