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mines in the shop
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ok here it is. i have been rideing for years. never worked on them. i'm a diesel technician by trade. about 10 years now.
i bought a 2001 r1 for $400.00 flat. engine frame the whole thing. only iy was in peices. i got the cams in and put the engine in the frame. cleaned the carbs. yada yada... i need to get plastics and stacks and stuff like that.but i just bought a rear shock and linkage and bone. but its for a 98 99 ...will it fit and work???.... also i found its a 2002 bottom end and a 2001 head. i need to rewire the stator. different plugs, but same amount of wires.so 01 wireing harness to a 02 stator.
sounds like a wreck huh?:saw: but it came with a barrett clutch and full dnd system. k&n filter and some other goodies. so what do you guys think. the wife wants to ride the 06 r6 and my jeeps is in the middle of an overhaul so i ride the r6 everywhere.
any help would be great. oh almost forgot. i love this site and i will be on here more ofter,,, might be nightly. thanks guys and gals
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