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My friend tried absinthe tonight for the first time and here is the results through AIM convo with another friend of mine:lol

ImmortalslayerN (12:59:27 AM): you drink some times huh?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:01:04 AM): yea, sometimes
ImmortalslayerN (1:01:14 AM): i got some absinth
ImmortalslayerN (1:01:20 AM): ill let you know how it works
RiceBurninVTEC (1:01:23 AM): hehe aight
ImmortalslayerN (1:01:29 AM): you tryed it?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:01:43 AM): nope
ImmortalslayerN (1:02:11 AM): its dark green grass color
ImmortalslayerN (1:02:23 AM): the myth is it makes people go crasy
RiceBurninVTEC (1:02:37 AM): interesting
ImmortalslayerN (1:02:38 AM): Van gogh drank it all the time
ImmortalslayerN (1:02:46 AM): many other mega artist drank it
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:03 AM): it smells like herbs
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:07 AM): like rosemarry
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:37 AM): OMFG
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:39 AM): OUCH!!!
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:41 AM): its burns
ImmortalslayerN (1:03:44 AM): holy shit
RiceBurninVTEC (1:04:20 AM): whoa
RiceBurninVTEC (1:04:26 AM): you alive over there dood?
ImmortalslayerN (1:04:39 AM): its 141 proof
RiceBurninVTEC (1:04:56 AM): dizayum
ImmortalslayerN (1:05:09 AM): ****ing nutts
ImmortalslayerN (1:07:16 AM): I paid a lot for it
ImmortalslayerN (1:10:22 AM): you die on me?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:10:36 AM): lol no im still alive.
ImmortalslayerN (1:10:42 AM): me 2
RiceBurninVTEC (1:10:45 AM): im wondering how much longer you're gonna be
ImmortalslayerN (1:10:45 AM): going for shot two
ImmortalslayerN (1:10:51 AM): why?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:11:00 AM): sounds like that shit is lethal
ImmortalslayerN (1:11:07 AM): ba, haha
ImmortalslayerN (1:11:41 AM): what do u drink?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:11:53 AM): usually vodka
ImmortalslayerN (1:12:06 AM): whats the proof of that?
ImmortalslayerN (1:12:11 AM): taste good?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:12:17 AM): usually 80 or 100.
ImmortalslayerN (1:13:02 AM): hmm
ImmortalslayerN (1:13:07 AM): down #2
ImmortalslayerN (1:13:28 AM): wee
ImmortalslayerN (1:13:30 AM): down it goes
ImmortalslayerN (1:13:35 AM): not as bad as #1
RiceBurninVTEC (1:13:48 AM): hehe, yea
ImmortalslayerN (1:14:24 AM): cost me 250 bucks
RiceBurninVTEC (1:14:37 AM): =-O
ImmortalslayerN (1:15:39 AM): heh
RiceBurninVTEC (1:19:41 AM): now i feel like drinkin
RiceBurninVTEC (1:19:43 AM): see what you did?
ImmortalslayerN (1:20:19 AM): haha
ImmortalslayerN (1:20:22 AM): im on shot #3
ImmortalslayerN (1:22:47 AM): http://www.piranha-fury.com/forum/p...-1067241310.jpg
ImmortalslayerN (1:23:28 AM): what you think?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:23:59 AM): one secx
ImmortalslayerN (1:27:04 AM): LS fast?
ImmortalslayerN (1:27:12 AM): going to drop a vtec head on it?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:27:23 AM): *cough*boost*cough*
ImmortalslayerN (1:27:59 AM): http://www.piranha-fury.com/forum/p...-1067241310.jpg
ImmortalslayerN (1:29:27 AM): check my pic?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:30:16 AM): lol
RiceBurninVTEC (1:30:19 AM): green-ness
ImmortalslayerN (1:30:25 AM): :O)
RiceBurninVTEC (1:32:24 AM): http://www.honda-acura.net/forums/a...;postid=1281220
ImmortalslayerN (1:32:36 AM): ea saw it
ImmortalslayerN (1:32:38 AM): i posted
ImmortalslayerN (1:32:41 AM): didnt it?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:32:53 AM): yep :)
ImmortalslayerN (1:33:51 AM): should i go 4 4?
ImmortalslayerN (1:33:56 AM): ii all most gell outa my chair
RiceBurninVTEC (1:34:00 AM): do you dare? =-O
RiceBurninVTEC (1:34:11 AM): haha your typing skills are suffering
ImmortalslayerN (1:34:18 AM): haha ****er you man
ImmortalslayerN (1:35:06 AM): i am fine?
RiceBurninVTEC (1:35:12 AM): lol
RiceBurninVTEC (1:35:19 AM): ****er me man?
ImmortalslayerN (1:36:02 AM): hmm
ImmortalslayerN (1:36:05 AM): **** you?
ImmortalslayerN (1:36:06 AM): :p
ImmortalslayerN (1:36:10 AM): damn 12 year olds
ImmortalslayerN (1:36:20 AM): my head is mega heavy
RiceBurninVTEC (1:36:34 AM): lol
ImmortalslayerN (1:38:47 AM): hm
ImmortalslayerN (1:38:48 AM): hi
ImmortalslayerN (1:38:49 AM): :)
RiceBurninVTEC (1:39:33 AM): hi :)
ImmortalslayerN (1:39:50 AM): shit
ImmortalslayerN (1:39:52 AM): i stood upi
ImmortalslayerN (1:39:53 AM): ouch
ImmortalslayerN (1:40:00 AM): i cant walk
ImmortalslayerN (1:40:02 AM): i fall over
RiceBurninVTEC (1:40:29 AM): lol
ImmortalslayerN (1:41:33 AM): weeeeeeeeeee;
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:23 AM): hey
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:25 AM): i am drunjk
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:27 AM): realy drunk
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:28 AM): bad
RiceBurninVTEC (1:45:44 AM): i know
RiceBurninVTEC (1:45:45 AM): lol
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:49 AM): i cant move
ImmortalslayerN (1:45:53 AM): i keep falling outa my chair
RiceBurninVTEC (1:46:06 AM): haha how many shots did you have? 3?
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:11 AM): yes
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:12 AM): aghhaha
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:18 AM): i am a cheap date
RiceBurninVTEC (1:46:21 AM): lol
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:24 AM): i am going for #45
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:26 AM): 4
RiceBurninVTEC (1:46:27 AM): nah man that shit is $250
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:30 AM): jsut to puit me over the top
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:41 AM): ture thjast
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:54 AM): it better be good
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:56 AM): :thumup
ImmortalslayerN (1:46:57 AM): ":
RiceBurninVTEC (1:47:28 AM): lol
ImmortalslayerN (1:47:38 AM): i think it was worth it
RiceBurninVTEC (1:48:48 AM): think so?
ImmortalslayerN: yes
ImmortalslayerN: ok
ImmortalslayerN: i am alive
ImmortalslayerN: barly
ImmortalslayerN: mega rucked over
ImmortalslayerN: bad
RiceBurninVTEC: lol
RiceBurninVTEC: i can tell
RiceBurninVTEC: pretty funny
ImmortalslayerN: how so?
RiceBurninVTEC: how you're typin
ImmortalslayerN: i am trying to wright a book, runk
ImmortalslayerN: not workging
RiceBurninVTEC: lol
ImmortalslayerN: at all
ImmortalslayerN: i cant keep my head up
ImmortalslayerN: at alll
ImmortalslayerN: i keep drifftign all over the place
ImmortalslayerN: like a homeless guy
ImmortalslayerN: gat fag ass bitc
ImmortalslayerN: h
ImmortalslayerN: :"_)
ImmortalslayerN: :)
ImmortalslayerN: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ImmortalslayerN: gwet drunk wif me
ImmortalslayerN: please?
RiceBurninVTEC: haha
RiceBurninVTEC: i want to
RiceBurninVTEC: gimme some of that shit :)
ImmortalslayerN: hehe
ImmortalslayerN: man
ImmortalslayerN: this shit is goood
ImmortalslayerN: its good stuff
ImmortalslayerN: hey
ImmortalslayerN: where do u live?
RiceBurninVTEC: maryland
ImmortalslayerN: o
ImmortalslayerN: i am going to PA soon
ImmortalslayerN: wana meet up some where?
RiceBurninVTEC: sure
ImmortalslayerN: coll dea
ImmortalslayerN: i hope i dont forget this
RiceBurninVTEC: haha me too!
ImmortalslayerN: ]
ImmortalslayerN: i am fluyign
RiceBurninVTEC: i wanna try some. im only 120lbs. i'll be done in like half a shot. :eek:h:
RiceBurninVTEC: you're flying?
ImmortalslayerN: i aam
ImmortalslayerN: 124
ImmortalslayerN: ;'
ImmortalslayerN: snad i am 6"2"
RiceBurninVTEC: =-O
RiceBurninVTEC: i'm 5'7
ImmortalslayerN: yea
RiceBurninVTEC: damn man
ImmortalslayerN: ]i am thinner then u maybe
RiceBurninVTEC: just a little
ImmortalslayerN: i did this to help me wrigt a bok
ImmortalslayerN: but i cant see stight so i cant wright
ImmortalslayerN: so it didnt help at all :-(
RiceBurninVTEC: lol, well maybe you shouldnt have taken 4 shots of 141proof ecto-cooler :p

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Oh new update just came in

ImmortalslayerN: yea
ImmortalslayerN: o well 2 late
ImmortalslayerN: should i go 4 5?
RiceBurninVTEC: lol, you're already goin pretty good. its up to you man
RiceBurninVTEC: how much of it do you have?
ImmortalslayerN: 4 shots now
ImmortalslayerN: i got chool iun a few hours, 9am
RiceBurninVTEC: no i mean how much do you have total
ImmortalslayerN: po
ImmortalslayerN: o
ImmortalslayerN: a lot
RiceBurninVTEC: lol
ImmortalslayerN: i dint realy male a dent in the bvo bottle
ImmortalslayerN: ,aybe 1/20th of a bottle
RiceBurninVTEC: damn
ImmortalslayerN: or maybe 1/16th
ImmortalslayerN: ssdhti man
ImmortalslayerN: this if is fun
RiceBurninVTEC: haha
RiceBurninVTEC: i wish i had some
ImmortalslayerN: orwe aomw for 2550 bucks
ImmortalslayerN: dood
ImmortalslayerN: i cant see
ImmortalslayerN: its so blury i dont care
ImmortalslayerN: at aslll
RiceBurninVTEC: wow
RiceBurninVTEC: you're really ****ed up
ImmortalslayerN: yea i am feral ****ed yp doooods
ImmortalslayerN: ajhhkhaahha

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I got two of my own . . . lol

short one first:
smendick: biotsch you rare thje bifggertt btoiehj isn the
whoe enitre wprld
smendick: yeah mothea ****er
smendick: i wish i was a lilttel bue taller
smendick: i ash i awas a bllaewr
smendick: i wishsh i had a gril i would caller her
BigRyGuy100: It's I wish I had a girl who looked good I
would call here.
BigRyGuy100: her.
smendick: ducj you and the interiu crw of biotheceds\

And now the longer one . . . .

PoloMav: I'm fiuckig fosbe
PoloMav: sober
PoloMav: I'm not drunk
PoloMav: just very not dugn
PoloMav: k
PoloMav: drunk
BigRyGuy100: right
BigRyGuy100: d-runk
PoloMav: Paul just ducked iwth my hat
PoloMav: ****ed with
PoloMav: don
BigRyGuy100: rob's a bitch
PoloMav: t save my conversaton
PoloMav: stion
PoloMav: satoion
PoloMav: sation
PoloMav: year
PoloMav: yeah
PoloMav: east side motel
BigRyGuy100: stop ****in misspelling shit
PoloMav: I can't dude
PoloMav: a wild animal sex orgy?

PoloMav: who said anything about a wild animal sexy orgy?
PoloMav: where is sim?

Later . . ..
PoloMav: ty
BigRyGuy100: okay. you're just drunk
PoloMav: indy ****ing' ananpolois
PoloMav: i'm not sdurnks'
PoloMav: drunk
PoloMav: I; can[t type
PoloMav: no hat hair
BigRyGuy100: you have no hair
PoloMav: iI havre aH

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Hmmm, sounds like a homo conversation to me. :confused:

"hey, wanna get drunk with me?"
"I'm only 120 pounds"
"hey, I'm 6'2"
"wanna meet up somewhere?"
"I am a cheap date"



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Mickey_D100 said:
let im have it!!!! :lol How old is he? Does he drink a lot? He needs to learn the lesson of moderation. ;) Right, because I myself know it so well.
Hes like 23 or something like that...but he up until recently had only drank twice before and never done any drugs.

This is too good:lol
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