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action-a said:
Hey R1'ers
My '99 R1 has only got 2 mods at present, K&N Filter and a race can. How much extra HP can I expect from these 2 mods, also if I was to Dynojet it would I gain even more?

Your advice would be appreciated :thumbup
Don't use the dynojet kit. Perform the Ivan's free air box mod, install the Ivan's needles, retain your stock #130 main jets, retain the K&N filter. Use a 4-1 full system (Akra or the out of production Muzzy 5 lb full Ti system if you can located one), set idle mixture screws to 3.5 turns out from full in. Install a Krankvent, and FloCommanders on the main air jets and pilot air jets. The above conmbination is good for about 15 RWHP over stock.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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