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Aftermarket Seats For My 08 R1?

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looking for an aftermarket seat for my 08 r1. just looking for more comfort. the stock seat sucks.

any help?
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I have a GYTR and really like it on my 08. It feels firmer at first, but after a few rides, you really appreciate the extra support. The gel in it is nice too. Try to find one if you can. I've had 2 bad experiences with Corbin seats fitting like crap, so I'll never order from them again. I've heard great things about Saddleman seat, and a buddy of mine bought a Sargent seat for his SV650 that he loved as well.

Hope this helps.
I been searching for a new seat as well, after doing a lot of searches I think I'm going to go with the gytr gel seat as well.
I rock the GYTR seat as well. LOVE it. Way more comfortable than the stocker. I think the seat is way less firm than the stocker. That was the problem with the stocker to me.
i went with the loui moto (i think i spelt that right) seat cover and they sell gel that you put in yourself. and the covers look really good too.
Gytr here as well. Difference on the first ride is like night and day. I got on forum for good deal, otherwise probably never woulda got one. Glad I did tho.
What's the going rate now for the gytr seats?
Don't get Corbin. Had a seat for my r6 and it was stiff as fcuk.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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