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Looks good, bet it will look great in carbon fiber. The shape of the Two Bros is still the best, but I HATE the way their carbon fiber pattern looks. If it was just a normal carbon fiber pattern it would be the nicest looking by far.


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So far....

#1 - Yosh (would remain #1 if the come out with CF's)
#2- Akra (would be #1 if they have CF's and Yosh's doesn't come out with any)
#3- 2Bro's (would be #2 if the end caps didn't remind me of the old-shool Super Trapps)
#4- GTY-R (sucky HP gains)

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downtown said:
Sweet! but as far as looks, I would take the Yoshimura or two bro' or those lovely GYT-R.

Tanks for the find.

Here is the pic:
Has anyone seen a pic of a Yosh system? And if so.... Where? I can''t find it on the Yosh site.:dunno

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Akra makes great stuff!

I will wait to see what the Arata looks like and how the dynos look.

On my 954 it came down to those two and then: Arata beat Akra in mid and low power and tied for high power; Arata was full TI tip to tail for the same or less $$ than the stainless Akra system; and the Arata had a deeper, meaner sound. I am not saying this will be the case with the R1, but at least I will check it out!

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Excellent find. The Akra's look very well placed on the bike. I also noticed that the Akra has less radical bends in the pipe especially where it comes under the subframe and bends toward the tail, most of the other pipes that are out for this bike have a sharp angled bend there, the Akra looks way smoother with the more subtle bend and I'm pretty sure that it will also have a smoother power flow due to it's subtle bends. Can't wait to see the dyno numbers, I hear this pipe is very pricey though.

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daddy_do_rite said:
A word to the wise . . . avoid the scorched TI (especially in an underseat application) . . . it will not hold up :yesnod

I had a Micron scorched TI on my 02, and the upkeep was nasty, even water spotted it bad, it abraded (scratched) very readily around the band, and if you repositioned the band slightly it was very obvious. Now imagine all the stones & road grime on an underseat application :no
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