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Stay clear!

The PROS, as indicated before, have the injection molding "sliders" on the last to fingers and can HURT like a bitch on the pinky due to placement.

I went through 3 different pairs and was never able to get a pair to fit (ALL THE SAME SIZE MIND YOU) right. One time one hand (pinky) hurt so much I couldn't wear them, next time the other hand and the last time the pinky on one hand was sown twisted making it impossible to wear.


The brand new 2004 Gp TECH's which run around $220 buckS now do NOT have the injection molding crap on the last to fingers.. :fact

At least one thing you have to give to them, they must be listening to their customers.

By the way, I just bought the Tech's and guess what... ROFL, SAME SIZE MIND YOU, the finger are over 1/4" too long on both hands..

What a ***'n joke!

This is my experience with AS GLOVES; your mileage my vary!

Bottomline: If you just have to have AS gloves because you feel they are the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD; then PURCHASE the GP Tech 2004's and buy them in your NORMAL glove size. Unlike the GP Pros which must be purchased 1 size large and still rip the A$$ outta ya!

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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