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After looking through the web and searching for different gear that I like. I've come to realize that my search was never going to satisfy to the upmost regard. Mainly being due to the fact that no matter what I buy it's more than likely never worth as much as it is. However when I comes to protection I will pay to play safely. What I mean is. I'll pay a good portion of what I think is reasonable.

Here's my dilemma. I saw some Alpinestars jackets and it caught my attention off the back because it's not offered in the USA. Why? Well it's a really nice looking jacket IMO. I then noticed that we always get different gear from the Europeans and their gear tend to always be what I'd want to purchase in the USA. So why is it that Alpinestars doesn't release their full product line to Americans? Don't they realize they'd make more more money doing so.

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