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Am I under Arrest?

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Had a horrible day. All that wheeleing and speeding caught up with me. Got caught doing a nice wheelie. I never saw where he was. He just got on my ass a few miles down the rode.

I immediatly pulled over parked and got cuffed. He ran everything to find I had a suspended licence. That was news to me. Found out later is was do to a 50 dollar D.M.V fine about a plate I brang back late.

So the bike gets towed to my sisters house (very close by) and I get a driving under suspended licence added to the reckless op. The cop was very professional and I was very relaxed even though I have never been arrested.

Instead of going to jail till monday to get bailed out, he lets me get a ride and go home. We part ways and I go for a ride with the camel unfiltered smoking tow truck guy. :bandit

Since its my first arrest I will plea a article 894 to get the arrest off my record and pay up to the fines for my wrong doing. Plus my brother is a cop and he will accompany me to my hearing.
I am going to stay off my bike till after I go to court so I won't have the judge thinking I didn't learn my lesson.

Crappy day but could have been worse. I should come out of this only a few hundred down. Instead of my bike down sliding on pavement. Today was just my day to get popped and I will take it in stride.


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Man,talk about bad luck. 2 tickets in one day ***&ing sucks!!!!! Whenever I get pulled over I turn around and go right home at the slowest speed possible and I'm super nervous for the next few days.

About the suspended license, it happens a LOT. My cousin got pulled over cuz he was lost in the mountains and driving slow and the cop found that his license was suspended because he didn't follow up on some fix-a-ticket. They told him he couldn't drive, so his wife took over until the cop ran HER license and found that she TOO had a suspended license for some unfinished ticket business. They ended up having to shove their 4 kids in the cop cruiser and the cop took em all into the station and wouldn't let them drive their car. You gotta stay on top of these things unfortunately since we all know how efficient the DMV is:p
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