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Am I under Arrest?

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Had a horrible day. All that wheeleing and speeding caught up with me. Got caught doing a nice wheelie. I never saw where he was. He just got on my ass a few miles down the rode.

I immediatly pulled over parked and got cuffed. He ran everything to find I had a suspended licence. That was news to me. Found out later is was do to a 50 dollar D.M.V fine about a plate I brang back late.

So the bike gets towed to my sisters house (very close by) and I get a driving under suspended licence added to the reckless op. The cop was very professional and I was very relaxed even though I have never been arrested.

Instead of going to jail till monday to get bailed out, he lets me get a ride and go home. We part ways and I go for a ride with the camel unfiltered smoking tow truck guy. :bandit

Since its my first arrest I will plea a article 894 to get the arrest off my record and pay up to the fines for my wrong doing. Plus my brother is a cop and he will accompany me to my hearing.
I am going to stay off my bike till after I go to court so I won't have the judge thinking I didn't learn my lesson.

Crappy day but could have been worse. I should come out of this only a few hundred down. Instead of my bike down sliding on pavement. Today was just my day to get popped and I will take it in stride.


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I got popped in a nearly identical way about 12 years ago. Had a fine I paid late, didn't read the fine print on the notice the DOT sent me, four months later I get pulled over and the cop informs me of my suspension. Unfortunately, you not only had to pay the fine, but you had to get a document from the courthouse and take it to the DOT headquarters in Des Moines, or else you'd lose your liscence anyway (for some reason it take 8 or 9 months for the DOT to find out you've paid a fine!). Nevermind that the DOT never informed my that my lisence was indeed suspended. The cop was cool though, he wrote me out my ticket, and said "Now I can't let you ride this thing home, but I'm going this way and I won't be back for a little while, so you can walk home or whatever..." The judge wasn't so cool. My lisence was suspended and I was driving, case closed. Didn't really cost that much, but don't expect your insurance company to be impressed... :fact
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