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i need some bulbs! i put some clear flushmounts on my bike from lockhart phillips, rode the bike for 10 measly miles and one of the running filaments burnt slap up! i call lockhart and they are backordered and wont be in for a month! what is up wit dat! they must be having problems with these bulbs. i can't find them anywhere at auto parts stores. i am going to be riding next month. if anyone knows how i can get them here is the model # they go to 122-9710 clear flushmounts. it is a 12V23/8W bulb. i am calling chaprell and trying to get on a backorder shipment as we speak/type.
"Why fix what isn't broken"- (why did i take off the perfectly fine stock turning signals?):mad:
hold on- JUST got them from chapprel or whatever. had to order 7 for $24.00 oh well -now i got extra
thank god (only took a week and a half to find these damn bulbs):bs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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