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Hey Guys,

I'm having a real pita time trying to get windows 7 installed on a new machine that came with windows 8.1. Brand new Lenovo Y50, not a single personal file on it this is the first thing I'm doing with it...I have all the drivers for the devices saved on another computer and usb drive.

There is no optical drive on the machine, so I'm using a bootable usb drive with a legit win 7 iso file (i have the activation code and cd).

But when I get into the install after finally getting the damn thing to boot through the USB without telling me i'm missing drivers, I can't get the installer to create a new partition on the main drive.

All the old info and partitions are deleted and the drive has been cleaned/formatted ntfs/assigned/set as active all through diskpart, etc. but still get the error...

Anyone have knowledge and time to walk me through this damn thing?


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I've had to do this for a client - also a Lenovo (Yoga) - it was a ballache. Did you change the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy in the BIOS?

The problem is that the machines are built around 8 and not 7, some drivers are not backwards compatible.
Get in to the BIOS or look at the booklet for the exact part numbers and then go on to their respective manufacturer websites to find the Windows 7 driver.
If you're lucky, you'll find it on the Lenovo site - but if it's not there, try the actual manufacturer.

IMHO - get used to 8.1. It's obvious that MS is trying to force people towards it, and it's not complete crap once you're used to the interface.

Have a look at the Recovery process of Windows 7 for Lenovo - a quick Google search does not show any official articles from Lenovo detailing the downgrade process but have a quick read through this and see if it helps:

You must have missed a small but crucial step..

Good luck!

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If its the style of windows 8 you dont like there is a free download you get install that is windows 7 style..
Id try that first if its what you want
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