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Any of you boys in britain know why Austin Racing is so slow?

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...title. so far i've been in the fab queue for 2 months.

i'm an aerospace machinist (+ programming) so the manufacturing industry is my jam. it doesn't take 4 fuckin months to weld up a metal pipe roughly the size of your arm. some stuff like the black ceramic coating they do is probly outsourced, fine, but that requires the product to be finished first xD

the hell is going on here... something aint right.
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hmm. figures. it doesnt take this long to make a pipe unless youre not actually the one making the pipe and youre just submitting orders, haha.
As a machinist in a UK based/German owned machine shop supplying the rail brake system I can answer that, we are now turning out £8million of product with 23 operators and 10 machines. 20 years ago there were 130 of us producing £2million with 2 shops full of machines. I started in the company 40 years ago, drilling, milling, turning, boring, grinding, gear cutting, testing etc with 500 0n days and 200 on nights. These skills have now gone, and over the last few years the jobbing shops ( redundant/retired operators from machine shops) have died and the youth are not there to continue. (Ive got £100's worth of tooling spare).
In our local town, we have lost 2 bike MOT testers , so the last one has to handle the extra work load. 30+ bike MOT's in one friday. Avon tyres are closing , the skills there will be lost.
Specialist welders gone, specialist plating shops gone, specialist fabricators gone. The crankcases and crankshaft for a 500 BSA have been with my local machinist for 2 years due to his work load. Years ago, it would have been done on nights in our machine shop inside a week. Cost gone from a few beers or packet of **** to £100, If I change the guy with the cases this will rise to £250.
work load and skills available against demand equals a long waiting list.
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...this guy with a whole 5 posts conveniently from england isnt wrong, but i think hes trying to cite labor issues as an explanation for why it takes 4 months to weld up a 3 foot long piece of pipe in a niche market.

some ppl act like half the fucking world is riding a s1000rr and EVERY SINGLE ONE has ordered an exhaust. and if that were the case i guess that'd be awesome =D but its not. so we sit and wait for our outsourced products to arrive, i guess.
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sorry if I offend you buster, but with 5 posts Ive just joined and wont be staying long.
Ive got 40 odd years of bike riding experience and 15 of that as a bike repair shop. As well as working in a machine shop when machine shops were manual not CNC like I use now. Gear cutting, grinding,fabrication machining, plating, painting, electrical and assembly.
bike business is low key and set up charges mean one offs not worth their time. It might be better in the US , When I had my trans am, the rear box was $45 from a dealer here, if I had one made by Janspeed, our local exhaust specialists it would be more like $250. the dash cost me $450 to get repaired in Norwood, then the Customs stuck another 20% on top. You might have small jobbing shops there that could do this but locally we have had 3 bike shops close this year and Im that close to going aswell. You cant get much done here unless its easy and worth the shops time. The R6 tank just cost me £220 to get welded up as the bottom was full of holes and I had to pay a further £35 for the tank seal. Not many round here would want to take on that sort of repair.
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My brother ordered a 3/4 AR for his mt10....... took him 5 months to get it.

I told him they make their products with love. And you can't rush love.

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