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Aprilia ready for 2002

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Newsflash for you all!
3 cyl, 990 cu. in, 200 bhp at 15 000 rpm, digital fuel inj.,
Most expensive bike Aprilia ever produced.
Yamaha, Suzuki and Aprilia all ready with new bikes for the 2002 GP Championship and Ducati are soon to releave news about their new bike.....
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It wil be SO awesome when next GP season starts!! Man! Just listen to Rossi's bike's sound! I get all horny of it!
Well, Swedie, how about Assen this year??
Would be nice to see those 4-strokes live, don´t you think!

:D :D :D
Well.. I'm going to Jerez on the 3rd of January. I will probably see som very stinkin' hot machines there! :D
I wonder how chubby checka will go on the new YZR-M1. Was it just coincidence that he has been riding hard on his race prepped R1 for two seasons now. I wonder how long these guys have known about 4 stokes come back to world GP?

Apparently he rode his R1 after each race, was this to compare pros and cons of the 4 stroke?

And what about Haga#41? Is he back on a 4, hope so.:)
Haga is racing a Mille in World superbike.
Your joking, right............................:cryin
Checa´s R1 is about as far from a GP bike as my Suzuki Swift GTi is from a F1 car. (Well not quite, but you get the idea...) The fourstroke plans have been known since 1999.
No joke, Haga's on a privateer Aprilia team with full factory support. Riding a Mille, on Dunlops
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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