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Arata install

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Hi guys,

Just ordered an Arata full system and PC3R for my '03. I ordered it at Dan Kyle. If every thing goes well i will have it next week.

I cant wait. I hope it performs well.

Now i have some questions for you guys. Tell me how to install it. Is it hard to install the PC3r and shoed i remove the radiator to install the exhaust.

All advises are welcome

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thanks, but wath do you mean by (Removing your AIS would help too,so if its not done yet,do it (get a removal kit,its cheap)).

I'am from holland so my english is not that well.

Where do you put the PC? Do i have to put it in my buddy seat?
I received my exhaust and PC3R today!! It really looks great. I have already installed the PC3R. The Arata will be installed sunday.

Dan Kyle has pre installed his famous arata map on the PC3R. I hope it will work just fine. Wath do you guys think of that map?

I'am going the leave the AIS system on the bike for now. I hope dis isn't a problem?

Do you guys now wath the torque of the header bolts are?

KNEEDY R1 said:
Congrats on the Exh., pics when you get a chance :hellobye
Sure, probably next week!!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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