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Arata install

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Hi guys,

Just ordered an Arata full system and PC3R for my '03. I ordered it at Dan Kyle. If every thing goes well i will have it next week.

I cant wait. I hope it performs well.

Now i have some questions for you guys. Tell me how to install it. Is it hard to install the PC3r and shoed i remove the radiator to install the exhaust.

All advises are welcome

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It can be done without removing the rad,but it would make your life much easier to remove.

If you choose the not removing way,it would be wise to stick a cardboard piece on the radiator fins.

Removing your AIS would help too,so if its not done yet,do it (get a removal kit,its cheap).

The PC3 is a snap to install...its using the factory connectors,no splicing or modifying needed.
Yes,the PC3 is emant to go in the trunk (under the "buddy seat")

The AIS is Yamaha"s air intake system;you"ll see the pump and related hoses in the radiator area.

How-to right here:

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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