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Arata install

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Hi guys,

Just ordered an Arata full system and PC3R for my '03. I ordered it at Dan Kyle. If every thing goes well i will have it next week.

I cant wait. I hope it performs well.

Now i have some questions for you guys. Tell me how to install it. Is it hard to install the PC3r and shoed i remove the radiator to install the exhaust.

All advises are welcome

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martinc said:
It can be done without removing the rad,but it would make your life much easier to remove.

If you choose the not removing way,it would be wise to stick a cardboard piece on the radiator fins.

Removing your AIS would help too,so if its not done yet,do it (get a removal kit,its cheap).
Very good advice. You picked a great exhaust! :thumbup

Sorry I don't remember the torque setting for the header nuts. :no

For the AIS removal I went with the Samanna No Tach Tango (http://www.samannasystems.com/). I heard you can also stick a resistor on but thought his system was better.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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