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Arata Titanium full system for '02-'03

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Hey guys. I sold my R1 and have the exhaust off it. It looks basically new, and I cleaned it when I took it off the bike. The R1 never saw rain or inclement weather, and the exhaust hadn't been on the bike for long. It still smells good even. Here is a pic or two. There is a mark on the can from the different position of the track bracket. My R1 was a race bike.

The power before and after the exhaust is very, very noticeable. Here is a dyno chart from an '02 R1 with this exhaust and a power commander.

It is also a lot lighter than the stock exhaust.

Just the slip-on Arata system is over $1000 new; I'm looking for about $1000 including a Power Commander PCIIIr. You can buy each separately if you would like. Let me know!
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I have this same exhaust and it is excellent quality, and fits perfect. It has a great rumble to it, and helped to add a lot of hp to the bike.
Just got an e-mail from a forum member showing me that you can get these for less than I had thought. I'll sell it for $700 + $40 shipping, firm. I loved the exhaust and if I buy another liter bike I know exactly which exhaust I'm buying for it. NOTHING matches the sound of an Arata system.
trade ya my kx100 for your exhaust ;)
What year KX100? Any pictures? :]]
$200 + $15 shipping for the Power Commander.. is that OK? PayPal to [email protected].
i am looking for a cheaper one. thanks for the quick reply.
$700 plus $40 shipping, which I think is more than fair!
Great price for a great system !! ........ not to mention it will knock a little over 10 pounds off your bike if you currently have a stock system
Ship to Canada??
Unless I have someone who is serious at the price of $700 + $40 shipping anywhere in the U.S., the exhaust will be going elsewhere. Let me know.
Ship to Canada??
So thats a big nah bob then EH!!
It's actually goin to Canada, yeah. I think it's sold though - I'll let ya know!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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