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Are the chains too tight?

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Are they shipping from the factory way too tight?
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Mine was set to what the book recommends in that if u measure deflection it's like just over an inch. 25-35mm or whatever. I looked at delivery and I don't think it was adjusted by the dealer because none of the nuts looked touched. I'll take it for its first ride and recheck after it settles in a bit. But as of now I'd say mine was set ok.
I run my chains between 1.5" and 2" but usually try to stay closer to 1.5"
Mine is within spec, which is .98-1.38 inches.
There are many reports of bikes coming out of the crates with way too tight chains. Still, it is the dealerships responsibility to perform proper pre-delivery inspection (and thereby set correct chain slack) and it is also the owners responsibility to check that the chain slack is correct before riding the bike.
No. It's a new chain so it's going to stretch a little bit anyways.
Just to revisit this after 500km my chain is now definitely ready to be tightened up a bit. The slack amount doubled during break in.
my chain was WAY too tight as delivered!!!
I loosened mine up just a bit. it was super tight. now it's in spec after a few rides. I left my r6 the way they had it and a few years later i decided to pull the swingarm and lube the bearings and I found dents from the bearing rollers in the swingarm pivot shaft. I'm pretty confident it was because of the chain being too tight.

I highly suggest loosing it up. it's better too loose than too tight anyway. the suspension will bind with a over tight chain.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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