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I am thinking about restoring a crashed 99 R1 (not mine:no )

The parts that I will require to do this are as follows:

Clutch case

Brake lever

Right handle bar

Right bar end


Right headlight lens

Right foot peg bracket

L & R mirrors

Nose cone fairing

Right mid fairing

Right lower fairing

Right front indicator


If anyone out there has some of these parts then could you let me know how much you would sell them for.

Because I am from Australia, if there are enough people from the US that have some of that gear then I will organise a bulk shipment to save some :dollar


Paul B

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I have the right side headlight $25, left and right mirrors with light brush marks on the back of them $20, right front turn signal $5, and the right side rearset $35 (do you need the peg and brake lever?)

Will sell all for $85+shipping.

Here is a pic of the slightly damaged mirrors.


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